Stopped Diapason

Suspended tracker key action : Mechanical stop action



These very small instruments are a further development of our Continuo organ design and are the smallest organs which the company has built to date. Professional orchestras need an organ which can be easily taken on tour abroad, and which is as small and as light as possible. The total weight is 78 kg.

The casework is made of either Mahogany or Oak, and both organs have decorative fretwork designed and fretted for us by Derek Riley at Lyndale Woodcarving in Norfolk. The keys have overlays of exotic hardwoods. On the Kings Consort instrument a crown is incorporated in the fretted panels on the front doors of the organ, and the EUBO organ has the ring of stars EU symbol, both linking the instruments firmly with their owners!

King organ

The organ is in three separate sections; the blower, the top section of the organ which contains the soundboard, keyboard and action and most of the pipes, and the bottom section which contains the largest pipes. A particular feature of this organ, again designed for ease of transport, is that the keyboard slides into the case when not in use, so that there are no protrusions. Each section has its own flight case for transport, and lifting handles are provided for the main top section.

The pipes are a single wooden Stopped Diapason rank of 52 notes, and the keyboard has the facility to transpose to either standard pitch or the most commonly used baroque pitch, a semitone lower at A 415.